The Audience is not just Applauding

On a weekly basis I  religiously watching my Kitchen rules and I often focus on the tweets that are continuously flowing through. I found that my favourite teams weren’t everybody else’s favourites. Whilst I despise Ashley and Sophia a lot of people actually like them, shock I know. It was the recognition of tweets that made me realise that the  “#” seems to fuel the competition and that the audience in a sense are also competing with one another through the discussion of the game itself. The conversation is now between the viewers, thus dialogic media. Television is now hearing what the audience says and now changing the format of shows due to what they hear, read and see on social media through the power of likes, hashtags and status updates.

“The people formerly known as the audience”Jay Rosen. Portrays that individuals have the ability to consume but they can also produce content. Everybody wants to be heard everybody and can be heard because gatekeepers are now weak or non-existent.

Instagram, a popular application that is a prime example of new media embracing participatory culture and prosumers. Instagram allows individuals to share images of anything, anywhere at anytime. Subconsciously through it’s key functions instagram then makes the individual share, consume and produce. By taking a photograph and editing it the individual is without knowing producing. Shortly followed by sharing then through following, liking and commenting the individual is consuming the content.  This is only the beginning, with media evolving and expanding individuals are gaining a greater empowerment in what they want to show and tell.

Our ability to consume and create content has lead to the emergence of individuals and groups to be empowered.



Copy & Paste

copy_catWhen was the last time you sang “Happy birthday”, downloaded music, streamed movies, television shows or used someone else’s words?

It became apparent to me over the last week that I am extremely guilty of copyright infringement. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never engaged in any of these actions, but realistically who hasn’t? It’s fast ,it’s free and it has no ads! Winning.

Recently I read an article based on pop sensation Katy Perry and a copyright defence case she was involved in. It appeared that an individual who’s name was also Katy Perry (who had no idea of the singer) owned a clothing brand called “Katy Perry”. In order to ensure people would not take advantage of the singers fame the individual was told she had to change her brands name. After continuous refusal a huge debate sparked over the copyright ownership of the name. This article lead me to believe that copyright in some instances has gone too far and that it has shifted from the protection of creative ideas to protecting revenue streams.

It is believed that copyright enforcement has spun out control.In the words of Steve Collins, the law has shifted from “an engine of free expressions” towards “legal regime for intellectual property that increasingly looks like the law of real property, or more properly and idealized construct of that law, one in which courts seek out and punish virtually any use of an intellectual properly right by another”. In my opinion, yes copyright is an absolute essential in media as individuals intellectual property should not be ‘taken’ and used, manipulated and modified in any way for purposes other then it’s creation. However, the persecution of people enjoying themselves and inadvertently breaching copyright has taken the response too far.



Yesterday my mum bought her second ipad.Why? Because it’s an update and the other was getting old. The transition: ipad to ipad mini.

Such a statement came from a woman who didn’t know anything more than a mobile makes calls and a computer sends emails. She was anti technology, but more specifically anti Apple. To her ipod, itunes, iMac, iphones and apps were nothing more than a “money scam”.She was completely unaware of the impact these technologies have on individuals today. When it came to technology, she knew the basics.

It wasn’t until Apple released Ipad, that my mother found an easy to use device.Instantly this product changed our family’s life. This device allowed for depth. It became a cook book, a library, social network, ipod ,games platform, travel tool and television all at the tip of our fingers.  At the time we were unaware that our life and society were changing. Reflecting on my mother’s ipad purchase it is clear that convergence has occurred through our interaction with the device.

My mum’s action made me consider the power of convergence and just how powerful it really is. In the words of Jenkins.”Convergence represents a cultural shift as consumers are encouraged to seek out new information and make connections among dispersed media content” I believe this statement is true as suddenly we are not only able to gain more knowledge through technologies but we are also able to share knowledge in fast and dynamic way.




My name is Hannah, but most people just call me Swan. I am an 18 year old who is entering her first year of study at the University of Wollongong. Some of my interests and passions include dancing, sports, fashion, social network, television, media and travelling the world which I have been fortunate enough to do since I was 18 months old.

I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Communications and Media in the hope that at the completion of my degree I will gain a job in either television, radio, fashion or media. I chose this degree as it comprises of different interests of mine and it is a degree that gives me a chance to utilise my creative side.

Growing up in generation y I have found that I am very much “addicted” to social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. I feel as though these networks allow for me to interact and share stories with my friends and family both in Australia and over the world in fast and dynamic way.  However, I am also a reality television tragic as I found myself constantly following intensely the lives of personalities such as Kim Kardashian and Joan Rivers.