Hitting Rewind.

rewindOver the past six weeks I have learnt a lot about media and just how great of an impact it has on me personally and the world as a whole!

Being able to express my opinion about the different topics and issues in media has been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Reading other peoples blogs has forced my opinion to evolve and allowed for me to gain a broader understanding of the topics.

Personally I have enjoyed reading and learning about all of the topics we have covered thus far in our bcm110 journey. However, after looking at media ownership in greater detail I have become quite skeptical about the media. I was completely unaware of just how much Murdoch had ownership of and I found it quite alarming in a sense that their are parts of every story we are no longer aware of. What I have taken away from this topic the most is to not don’t believe everything you read.

Looking at the extent to which the media is blamed was also really quite astonishing. It’s really interesting yet so wrong that the finger is always pointed at the media without evidence or without looking at the individuals engaging in the behavior to begin with. It was really interesting to look at instances such as the effects of video games on children and the ways in which the experiment wasn’t exactly accurate. Through taking a closer look at the effects model it is clear that the media is full of flaws and that whilst it is both powerful and influential it can also be misinterpreted and misleading.

This was as well as semiotics breaking down images to uncover their actual meaning, the public sphere sparking discussion about popular media in society and “Big Brother” was and still is always watching. Overall it has been insightful and I look forward to the next six weeks and the new content that I will be engaging with!



Guess Who?


Who owns the media?

That is a good question. I am a regular user of social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. I often post images and status completely unaware of who now owns my media content. Personally it doesn’t really bother me that I now am not the only owner because If I did then I wouldn’t post anything. However, for some individuals the shared ownership of their media is a major issue.

Rupert Murdoch Cartoon 1Every day, week, month and year we read, hear and see news stories. But with the diversity of media ownership narrowing down we are subtly been drawn into biased opinions. It’s scary to think that possibly their is a side to every story that we could be missing due to those individuals in power.

The media now “serves to those in power” I believe that this statement is completely true! Media ownership creates power and with power comes the ability to manipulate and abuse. An example of an individual who uses their status to their advantage is no other then Rupert Murdoch. Rupert is the owner of the largest media corporation in the world, News Corporation.


What I found it quite interesting is that Fox news was regarded as the most trusted and untrusted news source. Yes, I did just say that. Why you may ask? It’s simple Murdoch has the power. Having such status ultimately makes his opinion vital and therefore people follow him, leading to his success. Too much is not regarded as good though, because with power can also come problems in this case political conflicts and scandals.

Although to me who controls my media does not concern me, who controls the media definitely does. We are all influenced by the media, thus those who control it. However, it ultimately comes down to what impact the media has on you personally that alters your view and opinion.


Out with the Old & In with the New

Everyday we as individuals are exposed to a wide variety of images that take on symbolic meanings. It is how we analyse the image or object itself that it takes on it’s meaning. Everybody knows that when it comes to traffic lights red means stop, green means go! But does it really?

After the discussions on semiotics I couldn’t go past this particular advertisement. A truly symbolic and well known 15th century painting is Da Vinci’sThe Last Supper” . A painting that features Jesus and his disciples eating together for the very last time. The original painting is regarded as symbolic, sacred for the in time it depicts.  However, Fashion House decided such a painting could be mimicked into a advertisement, they were wrong.


The new interpretation of the painting has been used as an advertisement for fashion utilizing the modern day female along with a “Jesus” like figure that was in the place of Christ and his disciples. Such an image has sparked major controversy and is now banned in Milan due to Catholics taking great offense.

marithe-et-fraincois-girbaud-advertThe image denotes an all female “angelic” cast in casual chic, posed around a long table and Christ. The connotations of this image are provocative and style which is nothing out of the ordinary for the Italian fashion scene. It depicts fashion and beauty in a powerful way due to it’s links to the religious painting .Within it’s new context the image in my opinion does convey fashion in an artistic way. However ,Roman Catholics have taken offense to the image in posing the question what is this image trying to imply?

Images are powerful in their ability to create meaning, however when they are taken out of there original context image takes on a whole new meaning.


A Decathlon of Errors


As individuals we rely on the media in order to keep up with the latest issues and trends within our society.  However, whilst it is both powerful and influential it can also be misinterpreted and misleading. The media is full of flaws, David Gauntlett’s “Ten things wrong with the media “effects” model” nicely pin points the current problems within media’s portrayal.

“The ‘media effects’ approach, in this sense, comes at the problem backwards, by starting with the media and then trying to lasso connections from there on to social beings, rather than the other way around.”David Gauntlett

Constantly outrages statements are floating around the media such as “TV makes you fat” Although I look at my father and think yes, that is completely true! It really isn’t. It’s not TV that makes an individual fat there many other factors involved such as their physical and mental health, lifestyle, socioeconomic status, background, age, and gender. The media looks at society rather then looking at the individual, thus the media would rather make an assumption based on superficial evidence than look at the behavior of the individual.

Whilst exploring new music and goat videos on Youtube I came across a lung cancer campaign involving young children.

Unknown at the beginning of the video the children are presented with cigarette packets. The children describe the packets based on their physical appearance which brings me to “The effects model treats children as inadequate”.  Children are often “considered not so much in terms of what they can do, as what they (apparently) cannot.” I disagree. Children are smart, they know how to react in certain situations and they know exactly what answers they should be giving.

Basically the media needs to stop taking short cuts and focus on issues in a logical way.




My name is Hannah, but most people just call me Swan. I am an 18 year old who is entering her first year of study at the University of Wollongong. Some of my interests and passions include dancing, sports, fashion, social network, television, media and travelling the world which I have been fortunate enough to do since I was 18 months old.

I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Communications and Media in the hope that at the completion of my degree I will gain a job in either television, radio, fashion or media. I chose this degree as it comprises of different interests of mine and it is a degree that gives me a chance to utilise my creative side.

Growing up in generation y I have found that I am very much “addicted” to social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. I feel as though these networks allow for me to interact and share stories with my friends and family both in Australia and over the world in fast and dynamic way.  However, I am also a reality television tragic as I found myself constantly following intensely the lives of personalities such as Kim Kardashian and Joan Rivers.