Call me…Maybe?

Since the age of 14 I have been obsessed with my mobile phone, I take it with me everywhere. If I can not see my phone or feel it on me whether it be in my pocket or hand I begin to panic. Last week I travelled to Hawaii and felt so lost on the plane because I could not use my phone. Although some would say that’s weird I know I’m not the only one and these days most people are glued to their mobile phones.

So, when should we ban the use of mobile phones?

If I were to invite you into my home at night you would find four individuals using their mobile phones whilst eating, sitting, talking and everything else. My house does not really have any rules about mobile phones however next door at my Nana’s is a completely different story.

Family looking at their smartphones at the dinner table

Family looking at their smartphones at the dinner table

My Nan has enforced a very strict NO MOBILE PHONES rules and it absolutely kills me. Upon entering my Nan’s house my mobile phone is to be turned off or not seen. At first I used to test my Nan’s patience and tend to just pick up my phone and use it anyway , until one day I had it on the dinner table and forgot to put it on silent and received 5 messages at once. The whole table began to vibrate and I have never seen my grandparents so infuriated. In my mind there is nothing worse than seeing your phone light up and not be able to access it so my initial reaction was to just pick up my phone but I quickly learnt that that was a huge mistake.

When I began to write this post it only occurred to me how sad it really is that we are so consumed and obsessed with our mobile phones. Although my Nan views the use of phones at home and in particular a dinner table extremely rude as it is a private space but what about public?

An ABC news article I found “Silencing Cell Phones In Public Places” discusses that governments across the world are now imposing etiquette on mobile phone users in public places in terms of removing cellular signal. Some restaurants have now placed signs around that say please switch your phone off. Whilst investigating this further I found a restaurant called Eva in Los Angeles that offers customers a 5% discount for leaving their mobile phones at home.

In my opinion banning cellular signals seems a little dramatic and enforcing such a thing could have a negative impact. Mobile phones are truly powerful, if an emergency was to occur who would ring triple 000 if you had no cellular signal? This is just one example of how mobile phones in public places are a significant device.

I can understand where my Nan’s coming from as she feels that using the mobile phone in a private place takes away from family time however, in a public place I see no issue with individuals using there phones because really we have mobile phones because we aren’t at home to use a home phone. The answer is etiquette, and ensuring that people use their cell phones in ways that don’t invade another’s personal space.

What do you think?


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