Peace out x

 It’s scary to think that this time last year I was finishing my hsc and now I am finishing my first year of Uni. I have thoroughly enjoyed my university experience so far as I have met a lot of new people and learnt a lot of new things. However, now another session of blogging has come to an end. I have found the topics within this subject interesting as most of the topics we looked into I did not have any knowledge of prior to entering this subject.


Throughout this semester my favorite topics would have been hip hop as well as media capitals (my group presentation). Being a dancer and having an obsession with Kanye West I was fond of Hip Hop as because I have grown up around this topic I had a general understanding however I found it interesting looking deeper into the foundations and evolution of hip hop from then to now. Although our group found it hard to find a lot of information on media capitals as it is a tricky topic I found some of our findings fascinating especially in terms of reality television and just how many countries have their own version of Next Top Model. Not only were some of our findings unique I also was able to gain a better understanding of media capitals in terms of they exactly are, who Australia is dependent on and ultimately the future for media capitals and just who will obtain the power.


 Overall BCM111 has furthered my understanding of International media and I have certainty gained a lot from taking this subject. I can’t say 8:30 tutorials will be greatly missed but it has been a great experience and I look forward to seeing what next semester holds.







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