Media Capitals.

Media capitals are places where things come together and, consequently, where the generation and circulation of new mass culture forms become possible. They can also be considered as sites of mediation, locations where complex forces and flows interact (Curtin 2003).


Hollywood is seen as notorious in terms of being a media capital. It seems that to be considered a media capital, countries have to somehow in some way frame the United States in order to be successful. At the same time America has the ability to set it’s own agenda without the external forces of other nations.


However, it is now evident that the Hollywood is in competition with other nationals which has resulted in, not a massive declination, but a redirection of what type of media is consumed in certain nations. This shift could perhaps be due globalisation and a rise of multiculturalism within western nations, Hollywood now has to contend with other media capitals such as in Asia or India who can produce TV and film and distribute internationally at a cheaper price.

 “ Such anxieties suggest how the geography of television is changing and how Hollywood’s status as a global media capital remains, but the conditions of its dominance have been altered dramatically.” – Curtin 2003.

Oprah Winfrey a media goddess is an example of  an American network that lost it’s notoriety. The OWN premiered on the first of January 2011 with approximately 80 million viewers, replacing the Discovery Health Channel. In the first week it was watched by an average of 505, 000 viewers. The channel was to undergo a major overhaul as by May 2012 the channels losses were estimated to be $330 million.  So why did it fail?

Many fans of Oprah or there attraction to her is the intimacy she has with her audiences, treating the audience as friends .People enjoyed the intimacy that they got having one hour of there day with Oprah. By creating a network of shows that did not feature Oprah herself broke the intimacy and ultimately the connection between home viewers and her causing a decline in popularity.  Oprah is an American icon therefore if there such a decline amongst her network what does this imply about the status of Hollywood as a whole.

Curtin believes that Hong Kong is now considered as the greatest TV and film influence in China. Due to it’s population shows obviously reach larger audiences then they would in Hollywood. It can be believed that because of this one day Hollywood will accept a greater amount of global influence into its own media production, allowing the true global potential of media to be recognised.


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