Mirror Mirror

I have thoroughly enjoyed this semester and in particular this subject. My time in this subject has allowed me to look at topics of interest as well as be exposed to topics I had no knowledge of.  As the end of semester approaches Its time to rewind and look back at my favourite posts.

My favourite post would have to be the week we looked at the remix culture. Being an individual who is constantly downloading, shazaming and looking at remixes I found I was best able to engage with this topic. It’s very interesting to view the various ways individuals take elements of one thing and manipulate it into something new and exciting. I believe that my post ‘Yo Skrill Drop It Hard‘ – named after a lyric of a remix gave an insight to the ways in which music artists cross genres and time periods in order to create content. Also by discussing the extension of the concept to movies and how directors well known directors Tarantino create new content displayed how just how popular this culture is!

Another post of mine that I enjoyed working on was ‘The Audience is not just Applauding‘. It was interesting to view how the conversation is now between the viewers of social media. Extending this concept to how television is hearing what the audience says and now changing the format of shows due to what they hear, read and see on social media through the power of likes, hashtags and status updates. I believe it was an effective post as I was able to draw on my chosen platform and use an effective example – MKR to portray that individuals now have the ability to both consume and produce. As well as reflecting on how the creation of content has lead to the emergence of individuals and groups to feel empowered.

Last of all I was eager to work on ‘Trolled’. I took a particular interest in this topic as I have friends who have suffered from cyber-bullying in the forms of racism and sexism. In my opinion nobody should be bullied in any way and it’s due to the ability to remain anonymous as most individuals would not be game enough to post to the extent they do if their name was displayed. I felt as though I was able to reflect on this issue through two great examples : Justin Bieber and Charlotte Dawson. I was also able to give my personal opinion on the issue in stating that if these individuals aren’t stopped they may have a detrimental effect!

It has been an intriguing and exciting semester and I look forward to when I blog next.



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