Whose News?

When an individual uploads a video to Youtube, status to Facebook, photo to Instagram, tweet to Twitter or even a post on WordPress, they are ultimately committing acts that are now considered Journalism (Goode. 1288). Discussion continues as to how one story with little appeal in its inception can now manifest into on of the greatest scandals of the decade. This is citizen journalism and its appeal lies in its personal story-telling and to provide the voiceless with a platform to now be heard.

Apprehension exists to the quality of a citizen journalist as opposed to a professional. However the current quality of journalism within the old media is prone to the same problems as citizen journalists. In contemporary society Australian television news channels have fallen victim to this obsession with audience demographics rather than the quality of content.

“No one knows everything, everybody knows something” – Henry Jenkins

Currently citizen journalism is at an all time high on the internet. My Facebook Newsfeed is constantly flooded with posts from people who would be considered as “nobodies” stating their opinion on pretty much anything. Although to a professional this may seem irrelevant and a waste of time to others it is much more.  Personally I believe that the easiest way to be recognised or become “famous” is now via the internet because it’s fast, free and there are little to no gate keepers.

A citizen journalist is simply motivated to report on issues that affect them, not those that will increase advertising revenue. Although a citizen journalist has no professional training or been in educated in journalism, they are free from economic interests. Some audiences may want a particular columnist, others may just want goat videos but ultimately in the end we all just want the truth.



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