You’re a Wizard Harry

‘Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience’ – Jenkins (2007)

When you say the name Harry Potter instantly everybody if not most people know exactly who and what you are talking about. The series of seven fantasy novels by J.K Rowling, a world wide phenomenon.This series is a perfect example of Transmedia Story Telling. From the get go in 1997 when the first novel was released the books gained amazing recognition and were given film rights (Warner Brothers). People who do not enjoy reading (me) were then able to jump on the bandwagon.

Like all phenomenons you were soon able to buy Harry Potter everything this ranged from soundtracks, toys, video games, costumes,food and that’s not even half of it. Once the audience becomes actively involved they become apart of the brand.

The key to success therefore is engagement the audience begins to participate with the narrative elements and characters using real world locations.  And how do you do so? You create a theme park!

But it doesn’t just end there. At the conclusion of the film series back lot tours and exhibitions were available. In order for the magic to continue websites such as Pottermore and Muggle net were created where you can fufill the role of a student at Hogwarts and pretend you were in fact one of them, thus creating content.

As Jenkins states, ‘the multiple mediums can expand the narrative resulting in further engagement with the content and the creation of universe based on the story’. A perfect of example that depicts this idea is Comics books such as Marvel who creates their own universes in which the stories and superheroes exist. it is through the evolution of these universes that enabled the creation of more fan fictions and online forums.

It is the freedom of imagination in a stories universe that allows individuals to engage with content. Transmedia is powerful as it allows for stories to be remembered and ultimately live on forever.



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