Hitting Rewind.

rewindOver the past six weeks I have learnt a lot about media and just how great of an impact it has on me personally and the world as a whole!

Being able to express my opinion about the different topics and issues in media has been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Reading other peoples blogs has forced my opinion to evolve and allowed for me to gain a broader understanding of the topics.

Personally I have enjoyed reading and learning about all of the topics we have covered thus far in our bcm110 journey. However, after looking at media ownership in greater detail I have become quite skeptical about the media. I was completely unaware of just how much Murdoch had ownership of and I found it quite alarming in a sense that their are parts of every story we are no longer aware of. What I have taken away from this topic the most is to not don’t believe everything you read.

Looking at the extent to which the media is blamed was also really quite astonishing. It’s really interesting yet so wrong that the finger is always pointed at the media without evidence or without looking at the individuals engaging in the behavior to begin with. It was really interesting to look at instances such as the effects of video games on children and the ways in which the experiment wasn’t exactly accurate. Through taking a closer look at the effects model it is clear that the media is full of flaws and that whilst it is both powerful and influential it can also be misinterpreted and misleading.

This was as well as semiotics breaking down images to uncover their actual meaning, the public sphere sparking discussion about popular media in society and “Big Brother” was and still is always watching. Overall it has been insightful and I look forward to the next six weeks and the new content that I will be engaging with!



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