Second place is the First loser

“The Public Sphere, an area of social life where people can get together and freely discuss societal problems.”

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Dance Moms a reality television show based on The Abbey Lee Dance Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It follows the children’s early careers in dance and show business and of course their mothers. Abbey Lee, could be defined as the dance teacher from “hell”. She is best known for her continuous criticism, ability to make children cry and her brutal honesty.

When people think “Dance moms” they often think a bunch of mothers who live through their children that are psychotic. Well, that’s exactly right! This show emphasis the lengths that parents go to in order to ensure that their child ends up on top, to be the best and more importantly to be the winner. Naturally this behaviour would cause rivalry amongst parents and it sure does! Often the mothers fight with Abbey as they do not agree with her and one another about the girls position on the beloved “pyramid” or why they do not have a solo in the upcoming competition. Such behaviour leaves society to question and the morals of dance parents and if they disagree with one another and their children’s mentor so much why is it that they stay? What is the point.

Being a show based on dancing this show sparks discussion in society on the appropriateness of costumes and the choreography of dances today. The children in this shows ages vary from 8-13. The subject or intent of the dances are often deep some dealing with death, heart break or even being a gold digger. This is complimented by the use of two piece, skin bearing short costumes. This is not to say that all costumes and intents are as deep and or graphic as this but it still sways the public to discuss the choices parents make in allowing their children to be seen in such attire and to perform about issues and concepts so deep that they are too young to fully understand.

Although the show may seem controversial in some aspects it also creates an awareness for the audience based on the value of friendship. This is in the way that although the mothers may be fighting with one another and Abbey one thing remains and that is the girls respect for one another.



2 thoughts on “Second place is the First loser

  1. Good choice of media. I agree that the show brings the sexualisation of children to the forefront. What the show also does is highlight society’s need to force children to ‘grow up’ too fast, the idea that children learn their behaviour from their parents, and this ‘win at all costs’ attitude.
    However, I believe that such shows don’t necessarily think of themselves as vehicles of conversation. I believe that their main aim is to attract viewers, so they can make money.
    The power is up to us, the consumer/prosumer, to process the issues in such shows and bring them in to this mediated public sphere for a ‘little chat’.

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