Guess Who?

Who owns the media?

That is a good question. I am a regular user of social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. I often post images and status completely unaware of who now owns my media content. Personally it doesn’t really bother me that I now am not the only owner because If I did then I wouldn’t post anything. However, for some individuals the shared ownership of their media is a major issue.

Rupert Murdoch Cartoon 1Every day, week, month and year we read, hear and see news stories. But with the diversity of media ownership narrowing down we are subtly been drawn into biased opinions. It’s scary to think that possibly their is a side to every story that we could be missing due to those individuals in power.

The media now “serves to those in power” I believe that this statement is completely true! Media ownership creates power and with power comes the ability to manipulate and abuse. An example of an individual who uses their status to their advantage is no other then Rupert Murdoch. Rupert is the owner of the largest media corporation in the world, News Corporation.


What I found it quite interesting is that Fox news was regarded as the most trusted and untrusted news source. Yes, I did just say that. Why you may ask? It’s simple Murdoch has the power. Having such status ultimately makes his opinion vital and therefore people follow him, leading to his success. Too much is not regarded as good though, because with power can also come problems in this case political conflicts and scandals.

Although to me who controls my media does not concern me, who controls the media definitely does. We are all influenced by the media, thus those who control it. However, it ultimately comes down to what impact the media has on you personally that alters your view and opinion.



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