Out with the Old & In with the New

Everyday we as individuals are exposed to a wide variety of images that take on symbolic meanings. It is how we analyse the image or object itself that it takes on it’s meaning. Everybody knows that when it comes to traffic lights red means stop, green means go! But does it really?

After the discussions on semiotics I couldn’t go past this particular advertisement. A truly symbolic and well known 15th century painting is Da Vinci’sThe Last Supper” . A painting that features Jesus and his disciples eating together for the very last time. The original painting is regarded as symbolic, sacred for the in time it depicts.  However, Fashion House decided such a painting could be mimicked into a advertisement, they were wrong.


The new interpretation of the painting has been used as an advertisement for fashion utilizing the modern day female along with a “Jesus” like figure that was in the place of Christ and his disciples. Such an image has sparked major controversy and is now banned in Milan due to Catholics taking great offense.

marithe-et-fraincois-girbaud-advertThe image denotes an all female “angelic” cast in casual chic, posed around a long table and Christ. The connotations of this image are provocative and style which is nothing out of the ordinary for the Italian fashion scene. It depicts fashion and beauty in a powerful way due to it’s links to the religious painting .Within it’s new context the image in my opinion does convey fashion in an artistic way. However ,Roman Catholics have taken offense to the image in posing the question what is this image trying to imply?

Images are powerful in their ability to create meaning, however when they are taken out of there original context image takes on a whole new meaning.



2 thoughts on “Out with the Old & In with the New

  1. I love how you used a photo that has been re-done and effectively showed both meanings. It proves that semiotics definitely change the context of a photo. A great idea that I haven’t seen yet! Great post 🙂

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