The choice is yours…

If I ever lost my iPhone I’d probably cry ,a lot. To say my phone is my life is an understatement, it provides me with almost everything I need at the tip of my fingers. I often think how different my life would be without one.

Evolution is a process in our lives that in regards to technology is occurring at a much more rapid pace now then ever before. Technologies are mutating, growing and even creating fierce competition.

Some fear that media is out of control, others that it is too controlled” – Henry Jenkins

This statement by Jenkins made me think about conversations I’ve had about smartphones. I have often debated with my galaxy loving friend over which phone was better, apple or android.  She always uses the same argument “You can do so much more”. Although an android is open and allows for greater freedom, it does not insure security and safety because anybody can open a market of apps! I personally find comfort in knowing that the apps I’m using and or purchasing have been approved by apple therefore are safe. Below is a video regarding phone wars in particular Apple vs Android!

In terms of how much control individuals want over their devices it really is personal if you want a garden of applications and freedom then you are more inclined to pick an open appliance as opposed to a closed appliance where it’s applications need to be approved.

The real question we need to ask ourselves is how does this affect you personally, what impact is this going to have on you and how will this influence you in the future.



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