Copy & Paste

copy_catWhen was the last time you sang “Happy birthday”, downloaded music, streamed movies, television shows or used someone else’s words?

It became apparent to me over the last week that I am extremely guilty of copyright infringement. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never engaged in any of these actions, but realistically who hasn’t? It’s fast ,it’s free and it has no ads! Winning.

Recently I read an article based on pop sensation Katy Perry and a copyright defence case she was involved in. It appeared that an individual who’s name was also Katy Perry (who had no idea of the singer) owned a clothing brand called “Katy Perry”. In order to ensure people would not take advantage of the singers fame the individual was told she had to change her brands name. After continuous refusal a huge debate sparked over the copyright ownership of the name. This article lead me to believe that copyright in some instances has gone too far and that it has shifted from the protection of creative ideas to protecting revenue streams.

It is believed that copyright enforcement has spun out control.In the words of Steve Collins, the law has shifted from “an engine of free expressions” towards “legal regime for intellectual property that increasingly looks like the law of real property, or more properly and idealized construct of that law, one in which courts seek out and punish virtually any use of an intellectual properly right by another”. In my opinion, yes copyright is an absolute essential in media as individuals intellectual property should not be ‘taken’ and used, manipulated and modified in any way for purposes other then it’s creation. However, the persecution of people enjoying themselves and inadvertently breaching copyright has taken the response too far.



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