Yesterday my mum bought her second ipad.Why? Because it’s an update and the other was getting old. The transition: ipad to ipad mini.

Such a statement came from a woman who didn’t know anything more than a mobile makes calls and a computer sends emails. She was anti technology, but more specifically anti Apple. To her ipod, itunes, iMac, iphones and apps were nothing more than a “money scam”.She was completely unaware of the impact these technologies have on individuals today. When it came to technology, she knew the basics.

It wasn’t until Apple released Ipad, that my mother found an easy to use device.Instantly this product changed our family’s life. This device allowed for depth. It became a cook book, a library, social network, ipod ,games platform, travel tool and television all at the tip of our fingers.  At the time we were unaware that our life and society were changing. Reflecting on my mother’s ipad purchase it is clear that convergence has occurred through our interaction with the device.

My mum’s action made me consider the power of convergence and just how powerful it really is. In the words of Jenkins.”Convergence represents a cultural shift as consumers are encouraged to seek out new information and make connections among dispersed media content” I believe this statement is true as suddenly we are not only able to gain more knowledge through technologies but we are also able to share knowledge in fast and dynamic way.



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